The Google Ads Agency Equation is Simple…

The better your Google Ads Agency, the more money you make. No ifs. No buts. Just more sales. It’s really that simple.

  • Tired of your Google Ads Agency over promising services and under delivering?
  • Worried that your Google Ads campaigns are leaving money on the table?
  • Want to be sure that every penny spent by your Google PPC agency on pay per click is money well spent?
Google Ads (Adwords) management agency can help you manage campaigns to reach more visitors from Google

There are Google Ads Management Services… and there are Google Ads Management Services

Of course you want to be 100% sure that you’re hiring the right Google Ads company. A Google Adwords Agency with the experience, the technical talent and the creativity to deliver unbeatable results. And while many talk a great Google Adwords game, at Optimum Click our services go out there and win it.

Optimum Click - ALL delivery. No doubt.

A Google Ads Agency Built on Trust

  • Zero lock-in

    No long-term contract commitments. You only stay as long as we’re delivering.

  • Full ownership

    You always own your campaigns and ads. Not us.

  • Dashboard control

    All the campaign data you need at your fingertips.

  • Defendable decision-making

    Countless great reasons to justify choosing Optimum Click.

  • 100% PPC management agency confidence

    A hand-picked team. Rigorous audits. Forensic measurement. 24/7 optimisation. For total confidence.

All the Google Ads Services you expect (and more!) from a stellar Google Ads agency

1. Campaign management

Is all about search engine performance. It's all about sales.
With a crystal clear understanding of your audience, landing page performance and the automated PPC advertising technology you use to drive your digital marketing campaigns, we help you continually shape campaign improvements.
Collaborative, creative and deeply analytical, our campaign management layers success on success.

The method to our Google Ads mastery…

And how our services can ALWAYS find a 10%-15% performance improvement on every new account

Google Ads success is a process.

And that’s exactly where we begin. The objective. What are you trying to achieve? And why? More than simply studying the numbers we’re keen to understand your goals - an essential starting point of any Google Ads X-Ray (like an audit… but better).

But to get the right audit answers, you need to know the right audit questions. You need to know what to look out for and why. What matters? What doesn’t?

With years of audit experience under our belts we’ll see things others won’t, and we’ll do things others don’t. Only a deep understanding of exactly what’s working and what’s not can prepare you properly for taking the challenges ahead.

A single reason to choose a Google Ads Agency (UK based or international)? We’ll give you dozens…

With a global average ​​92% share of the search market and commanding an estimated 65% of the global Search Advertising revenue - we’re talking more than $200 billion of paid search revenue in 2021 alone - there’s no disputing Google’s reach and power. In the world of search and paid advertising, it’s truly the big daddy.

There’s no disputing either that for any business selling online, Google Ads is a go-to choice. Who wouldn’t want to double their money?

You’re probably already using Google Ads, either running campaigns in-house or hiring a Google Ads management agency to take care of your Google adwords.


  • Are you doubling your money?

  • Are you getting the ROAS that you deserve?

  • And what kinds of returns are you getting on your paid advertising investment?

  • And what should you be getting back?

  • Is PPC even the best way to boost sales or Google Ads the best way of doing it?

And even if you think it is, are you sure that you are:

  • Reaching the right types of potential customers?

  • Not paying over the odds for your ads?

  • Getting the most from your budgets?

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Or are you leaving money on the Google Ads table?

  • If you feel that things aren’t quite right with your paid search campaigns, of course, you’ll be keen to explore new ways to start making the conversions, the ££££s that should rightfully be yours.

  • Even if you are satisfied with how things are going, it would only be natural for an ambitious business owner or marketing leader to wonder whether things could be even better. To take a look at the market and see how your ROAS can improve.

  • After all, if you’re going to invest your hard earned money, and most likely a sizeable chunk of your reputation in the most popular and arguably the most profitable form of display advertising, wouldn’t you want to be absolutely sure? Why risk it?

When it comes to Google Ads, this is exactly what’s on our mind…

  • Attract new high-intent, self-qualified visitors

  • Drive calls, enquiries and conversations

  • Supercharge your online sales

  • Slash CPAs and deliver breakthrough ROI

  • Measure. Manage. Repeat.

Looking for digital marketing support beyond Google Ads PPC services?

There’s much more to Optimum Click than just Google Ads. Discover our full range of digital marketing across Microsoft Bing advertising, Amazon advertising and Social Media marketing such as Facebook ads.

Frequently Asked Questions about Optimum Click Google Ads services

The latest, smartest Google Ads thinking at your fingertips

Grow your business with the latest paid search insights - right here, right now.

Some lovely words from our lovely clients…

We've been using Optimum Click for around 6 months and started with a fairly small budget per month. Since doing so, Optimum Click has increased our revenue by 900% (Yes, 900%!!) per month, gaining additional clients each day. Erno from Optimum Click is so friendly and goes the extra mile to help us. Furthermore, his knowledge of the way Google operates is outstanding.

Lewis McMorrow

Head of Bereavement Services
Far & Beyond Funeral Service

Get your in-depth Google Ads X-Ray here. It’s free.

You’ll doubtless have important questions about how to get the very best returns from your digital marketing.

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