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  • Immersed in data, how confident are you that you’re using the proper data?
  • How confident are you that you’re using it in the proper way - to drive growth?
An agency with digital analytics services can provide the best insights for the decision making process.

Digital analytics - the keys to the digital kingdom

Based on performance trends data and distribution charts the future behaviour of visitors can be predicted.

Used the right way digital analytics is predictive analytics. When you understand what people did in the past - you can predict what they will do in the future.

So when you ask important digital marketing questions like:

  • How do my visitors find me online?

  • Why do they click my ads or come to my website?

  • Where and why I win and lose conversions?

  • How can I convert more of them without wasting advertising budget?

You can use data analytics to give you the answers and show you exactly what you need to do to grow your online business.

Optimum Click: where the right data, becomes smart insights,becomes actionable insights, becomes cash in the bank.

If you know, you know.

The 3 essential stages of data driven decision-making?

Data Integrity

Anyone can collect data. But not everyone knows the right data to collect or the right ways to collect it. It takes a skilled analytics agency to identify and source the relevant data.

Data insights

Data’s silent. In itself it says nothing. Only an expert combination of gentle coaxing and full-blown interrogation will make your data reveal its all-important business building secrets.

Data deployment

Data’s great. Insight’s even better. Best of all is when you put your data-driven insights into practice to improve business performance - more conversions, faster growth and stronger ROI.

The power of professional digital analytics services

  • Improved efficiency - 64% of businesses use analytics to improve efficiency and profitability.
  • Data marketing strategy - Only 52% of businesses have a well-articulated data strategy for their company.
  • Financial performance - 51% of businesses use analytics for better financial performance.
  • Customer insight - 52% of businesses using analytics report better customer journey understanding.
  • Mobile analytics - 85% say a mobile analytics strategy is important to their organisation’s success.

3 key digital analytics agency data sources

How a skilled digital marketer or digital analytics agency elicits the right insights

Digital Analytics - the numbers you need to win 4x essential digital analytics services

Measure, manage and master the numbers you need to grow your business online

Digital marketing strategy is ALL about choice. The marketing objectives you set - be they brand awareness, revenue, customer acquisition or retention - the measurement criteria to map your progress towards achieving them, and your campaign’s impact on your bottom line as you make that progress.

Industry analytics tools - in leading industry hands

Seeing is achieving - which is why we take data from leading analytics tools:

  • Google Analytics 4

  • Google Optimize

  • Firebase

  • Hotjar

  • Clarity

and visualise it using Looker Studio data visualisation (formerly Google Data Studio) to turn your data into meaning, into ROI.

The clearer you can see the opportunity, the quicker you can start to make the most of it.

Talk to us about our analytics tools and the innovative ways we use them to deliver award-winning digital marketing services.

Best digital analytics beats best guess every time

  • Objectives-aligned analytics - every number tracked is tracked for growth

  • Performance marketing clarity - 24/7 reporting identifies new ROI and profit potential

  • Data driven growth - the science and the art of transforming data into £££s

  • A data maturity model - quick fixes + long term strategies = data driven success

Optimum Click - obsessed with analytics

The numbers never lie. But in the wrong hands, they can send you in the wrong direction if you don’t read them right. Which is why you always need the best possible UK data analytics agency you can find - an analytics consultancy obsessed with analytics.

If you love sales - you’ll love what we can do for you

If you don’t - it’s time you did

The businesses that already recognise the importance of collecting and analysing digital marketing data to improve digital performance already enjoy the benefits of what we offer.

  • Opportunity identified - by recognising important data

  • Opportunity taken - by knowing how to turn that data into insight and act on it

  • Money saved - by avoiding unnecessary advertising spend

  • Money made - by focusing advertising spend on profitable areas

  • A healthy, happy, booming online business - through the holistic use of data in a complex digital ecosystem

What about you?

By analysing data with a professional reporting system will avoid unnecessary advertising spend.

The data driven mindset that drives success

When you make important business decisions, base them on business fact, not fiction.

Google Data Studio or Looker Studio report with a strong data driven analytical mindset will drive only results in digital marketing.

Optimum Click facts based on quantitative traffic driven to targeted online platforms. Traffic transformed into quality visits and commercially viable customers, end-to-end measurement, deep analytical evaluation and expert conversion optimization.

  • For everything a reason: objective focused data analysis across every part of your digital marketing

  • 20/20 visibility: complete real-time visibility on all the numbers that matter

  • Decision-making data: easy-to-understand data means easy-to-implement decisions

  • 360° data insights: all the APIs and integrations you need to access all your essential performance data

FAQs for the digital analytics curious

Want to know more about how a digital analytics agency, UK based or international can help you? Read on…

Client analysis… of our data analysis

We've been using Optimum Click for around 6 months and started with a fairly small budget per month. Since doing so, Optimum Click has increased our revenue by 900% (Yes, 900%!!) per month, gaining additional clients each day. Erno from Optimum Click is so friendly and goes the extra mile to help us. Furthermore, his knowledge of the way Google operates is outstanding.

Lewis McMorrow

Head of Bereavement Services
Far & Beyond Funeral Service

Time to lift the lid on the numbers that matter to you?

Are you working with the right data? The timely, accurate, appropriate data you need? We’ll tell you. And we’ll also show you how to turn it into profitable new ways to build your business.

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