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  • Is your paid social media agency delivering
    excellent paid social media results?
  • If you don’t know you’re getting the best paid media campaign results - you aren’t. We’ll show you how to put it right.
A good Paid Social Media Agency provides effective PPC services by choosing and managing the best social media channels for your company.

Make your social media advertising a superpower

  • Turn paid social services into a money-making superpower

  • Target customers across their favourite social networks with Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn and Facebook advertising

  • Zero in on your most profitable audiences with right place, right message, right time paid social campaigns

  • Accelerate growth by defining and refining your sales sweet spots using tracking pixels, layered audiences and stand out creative.

  • Don’t take chances - always partner a data-driven paid social marketing agency with a proven track record in planning, strategising and delivering rapid paid social ROI and profits

The rise of paid ads and paid social agencies

4.4 billion

The number of people expected to use social media worldwide by 2025

$252 billion

Predicted value of worldwide social media ad spend by 2026


Proportion of total digital advertising spent on social media in 2022


Estimated social media advertising spending per U.S internet user in 2026


Predicted growth of UK social media ad spend by 2022

Optimum Click - The ‘predictive’ paid social agency

Manchester based - serving the world

  • Smashing ROI on all the important paid social media platforms is more than just a numbers game - it's a race to identify and reach your ideal audience BEFORE the competition.

  • Using advanced profiling tools and sophisticated algorithms, we laser guide content marketing directly to your best customers. Paid social services so you win the paid social sales race and smash ROI.

Can paid social media ignite online sales?

Yes! With pitch-perfect paid social campaigns from a pitch-perfect paid social marketing agency.

1. Facebook Ads

The BIG daddy of performance marketing platforms with nearly 3 billion worldwide users and a 2022 global ad spend of $50 billion.

Other platforms we support with our paid media agency services

There’s a world of social media sales opportunities beyond Facebook advertising or Instagram ads. So why not connect the social sales dots across all the social media channels your customers use? From Snapchat, to Quora, Waze or Twitch we’ll show how to share right time, right message, right audience ads your audiences (and your bottom line) will love.

Looking for a paid social media agency in Manchester? Get in touch to find out more.

Optimum Click - a paid social agency like no other

If you’re going to run paid social - best run it right.

  • Expert and experienced in multiple channels, we’re a Manchester paid social agency that knows exactly how to achieve paid media success.

  • From inspired strategies to content design, creation and content marketing, to continual performance analysis, monthly reports, 24/7 dashboards and conversion rate optimisation.

  • Data-driven decision-making so when you run social media management you can be sure you're running it right with Optimum Click.

Optimum Click - to know us is to love us

When you put your trust in a paid social agency you’ll want to be sure you’re choosing the right paid social agency. At Optimum Click we’ll give you 100s of reasons you can be 100% sure it’s us. The only paid social media agency you’ll ever need.

A marriage made in paid media agency heaven?

Of course. But for us (and you) to be confident of success it’ll take a little ‘chemistry’.

Paid Social Services attract you the best potential customers.

Are you:

  • Already familiar with paid social marketing and pay per click? With ROAS? Do you already run paid social campaigns and have both a marketing team and some brand awareness?

  • Ambitious and willing to invest in a paid social agency to help you engage, prospect and grow?

  • Prepared to work on a three-month timeframe?

  • Able to trust our professional paid social agency judgement, support our social strategy and implementation and work alongside us to deliver your success?

  • Happy to use a data-driven approach for more profitable campaigns?

Yes? Then we’ll work well together.

The media campaign process for proven results

How to get every penny of value from every paid media campaign from a digital marketing agency with a proven track record?


Social Media Audit




The creative template


Campaign launch


Measure results


Optimise performance based on results


AB testing

The paid social services questions on everyone’s lips

So you’ve got a social presence and want to know more about running profitable paid social media advertising to grow your business online - that’s great. Take a look at these common lead generation questions to find out more about how you can scale awareness and online sales with your next campaign.

Real world paid social media. Real customer case studies.

Optimum Click has been professional, friendly and very helpful from our very first phone call. New to Google Ads, the Optimum Click team explained to us how to set up a campaign and how we could benefit from it, in a way that made sense to us. They are always ready to answer questions and have made sure that we are happy with the process from start to finish. We had great results from the first week. Fabulous job, thanks a lot!

Zsolt Homoki

Photo Editor
Dora Horvath Photography

Time to lift the bonnet? To see how your paid social marketing is really performing?

The good, the bad and the potential - our free paid social audit will reveal all. It's worth at £1000.

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