6 reasons to choose us

but there are plenty more

  • Money back guarantees

    Money back guarantees

    if we don’t increase your revenue by 20%* after the first three month of management we’ll refund you - in full.

  • Guaranteed performance based fees

    Guaranteed performance based fees

    you pay us from the PPC profits you make.

  • Crafted 360° campaigns

    Crafted 360° campaigns

    your full conversion funnel optimised for better profits.

  • 100% revenue focused

    100% revenue focused

    urning your marketing into profits.

  • Experienced PPC managers

    Experienced PPC managers

    No juniors, no interns, no problems.

  • Transparency


    you know exactly why we put your money on any specific keyword or why we stopped putting it on another

PPC Management As It Should Be

If you already employ a PPC agency then our model will be music to your ears.
If you are new to PPC then welcome to PPC Management as it should be.

Your revenue

Is all that matters. CTR. Quality Score, Adrank and nice shiny metrics are all well and good. They’re not cash in you account though. It’s not hundred keywords with quality score 10 that will make you happy, it’s revenue. We understand that. Implicitly.

Why performance based?

Most agencies will charge you a flat fee. Us included. But unlike most agencies our flat fee is kept to a minimum – it only exists so that we are able to properly understand your business, your ideal customers and your objectives. Our payments are mostly performance based – the more money we make you the better for us both.

Guaranteed results:

How does a 100% money-back guarantee sound? It’s yours. If we fail to increase your revenue by 20% after the first three month of management we’ll give you your money back.
Of course there are conditions. Here they are.

What makes us so confident? Two reasons.

One, because we’ve seen how the vast majority of PPC agencies manage accounts – leaking revenues, missing opportunities and wasting budget left, right and centre.

And secondly… because we know our own abilities. We’ve proven our efficiency to countless clients across numerous agencies time and again. Now you can benefit too. At no risk.

Remember, if we can’t boost your increase your revenues by 20% in three month, you don’t pay a penny.

360° thinking:

It’s amazing how rarely keywords, ad text and landing pages are harmonised for success. Amazing too that most PPC agencies will only fine tuning bids weekly.

Not only do we see the bigger picture we understand that a conversion isn’t a conversion… until it’s a conversion. Traffic, impressions, visitors count for nothing until your client has signed up. So we’ll use our deft touch, our insight, our experience and we’ll calibrate your campaigns on an ongoing basis all the way along your sales funnel.

Not least your landing pages – essential and often undervalued components of your conversion strategy.

What makes us so good?


Creating a PPC campaign is easy. Making it work it isn’t.

And it becomes more and more difficult to squeeze profits out of PPC campaigns over time.

Of the millions of keyword options and thousands of settings in Google and Bing, some will work better than others. It takes continuous analysis, incremental improvements and an eagle eye on the campaign detail to make sure you outperform your competitors.

And of course only the right questions will reveal the answers you need.

Where are your typical customer based, for example? London? Manchester? Brighton? Desktop? Mobil? Tablet? When are they searching? How aligned are their search and your landing page? Does it scratch that it? How optimised is your sign up or sales process?

It’s a rare skill that can set up your campaign brilliantly. Rarer still one that keep it brilliant over the long run.

Fortunately we’re blessed.

What’s different about our method?

For one you will only have senior, experienced PPC managers on your account. No juniors, no interns, no problems. Many PPC agencies will lend you an experienced pro to set up your account but from then on it will be managed by a junior.

Not here. Not ever.

Why would we expose our reputation, your paid search profits and our money back guarantee to the risk? It doesn’t make sense.

From beginning to end at every link in the money chain we do everything we can to protect the integrity of every campaign. For you to make as much money as possible.

Automation good.
Over automation bad

Here’s another differentiator.

Most PPC agencies use bid management software. We do too. But bid management software is only as good as the people using it. You need to keep on top of what the software is telling you. And if you’re not on it, you’re incapable of make the right campaign decisions. You’re either pouring money down the drain or you’re leaving it on the table.

Every campaign demands automated scripts. But every automated script demands expert oversight.

More information here: The ‘bid management’ software hype and the problems it can cause.

As they say… ‘fine keywords butter no parsnips’ and we can talk until we’re blue in the face about why you should use us and how we can guarantee helping you make more money that other paid search companies.

Time we proved it.

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