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Time to drive more calls, leads, sales, higher ROI and lower CPA? Time to maximise every online sales opportunity? Then it's time to use Optimum Click the data-driven marketing agency.
Your data driven digital marketing agency. We are here for you to grow together.

Don’t waste another minute on ‘meh!’ marketing

If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you got.

Why work with a data-driven digital marketing agency?

  • Scale at speed - build profile, boost clicks, revenue & ROI.

  • Fix the leaky marketing bucket, tighten your CX, strengthen your conversion points and never let another sale slip through the net.

  • Supercharge your conversions by collecting, analysing and using your data better.

Don’t waste another minute on meh! digital marketing. Upgrade today.

Data-driven marketing’s not magic. It just looks like it sometimes. Especially when you have data analysis, human behavioural understanding, and sales and business growth skills as magical as ours. Which you can. They’re just a click away.

Your data. Your audience.

Your growth. Our A-game.

Your Free PPC audit - see where the money really goes

Our free PPC audit reveals all. You'll see where you’re winning sales, where you’re losing them, and you get expert advice on how to make your PPC campaigns work much, much harder.

The digital analytics agency for all

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Just a few examples of the many sectors we help success online. Give us a shout to find out how we can help you too whatever sector you’re in.

5 great reasons you’ll find we’re your ideal digital agency

  • 1. A proven track record - of incredible paid search results
  • 2. 24/7 real time reporting - so we’re always ready to act
  • 3. Insights based - ‘virtuous circle’ decision making shapes new strategies
  • 4. Experience - your account is always managed by a senior professional
  • 5. Light touch management - it’s your account, you own it. No minimum tie-in

Quality numbers. Quantity numbers.


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Great work, great compliments, gratefully shared

In two months, Erno has had a great effect on our Google Ads campaign. He really knows what he is doing. I have had experience with other "experts." Erno is the real deal. Highly recommended!

Eric Sparre

Managing Director
Artspan LLC

When you move digital marketing agency - move to us

When you move to a new agency, of course you need to be sure you’re moving to the right one. Two great reasons why you should choose us. Our best practices. And the amazing people who carry out that work.

Learn how data-driven marketing can drive your online growth

Want to know more about data-driven marketing? Keep reading…


What is a data-driven digital marketing agency?


At which stage does a company need a data-driven digital marketing agency?


Are you able to scale up my business?


What type of sector experience do you have?


Are you open to consulting on an hourly basis or do you only want to implement things yourself?


Do you provide photos/videos/graphical materials for the ads?

Less a question of whether we can help…

More a matter of how. Drop us a quick message and let’s find out.

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