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We’ve got everything you need to crush your Amazon PPC sales:

  • Expertly optimised ad and marketing strategies and
  • Stellar Amazon Ads search results and performance

Optimum Click - A proven track record delivering effective Amazon ads.
UK-based. Your winning team. A team of amazon experts.

Amazon Marketing Agency service helps you get more customers to increase the number of orders and shoppers on Amazon

Approach to Amazon:
Your ‘unfair’ Amazon marketing agency advantage

In truth, there’s nothing ‘unfair’ about our Amazon advertising. Our UK-based Amazon PPC management team is simply incredibly good at selling on Amazon. It’s the results that seem unfair. The kind of sales, revenue growth and return on investment that will have your competition (and their Amazon Advertising agency) spitting digital feathers.

4 great reasons to use Optimum Click Amazon Marketing Services

Clear strategic thinking (PPC strategy)

Our top Amazon agency helps deliver more bang for your Amazon marketing buck.

Custom reports and data visualisations

so everyone can see exactly what’s going on. We optimise your amazon advertising campaigns based on data. All decisions are made in this way.

Smart database integrations

turn data into hard and fast competitive advantage.

Experienced Amazon PPC advertising experts

quickly identify and action commercial wins.

So what are the billionaire Bezos Amazon Advertising Services and PPC exactly?

In a word - opportunity. Gold-plated sales opportunity . Your chance to position your products directly in front of more than 300 million daily users all wearing their buy, buy, buy hats. Amazon Marketing Services is the platform. Amazon PPC is the mechanism. Campaign management to target shoppers and increase sales at every stage of the buyer journeywith headline search ads, Amazon Sponsored Products Ads, Amazon Sponsored Brands, video ads and Amazon Display Ads.

$469.8 billion sales revenue in 2021 says AMS is the right place for brands to be.

Enough of reading? Grow your Amazon sales now!

The smart advice?
Use a smart PPC Amazon Agency with smart Amazon PPC specialists agency. No really… you can thank us later.

So you think you’re already maximizing returns through your Amazon store? Wrong.

An Amazon ads company has let you down in the past? You’ll get over it.
Did people fail to recognise your brand when you last ran Amazon PPC campaigns? Do they now? Yes? Great.
Whatever’s holding you back - lose it. If you’re selling products on Amazon, you need to promote them on Amazon with a proven Amazon marketing agency. Here’s why:

  • Competition

    the competition that’s taking your Amazon sales. Don’t let them. Get an account audit, get competing and get selling

  • A ravenous audience

    people are itching to spend their cash on your products - get selling

  • Payback

    for all that brand-building work you’ve been doing. You’ll convert branded queries at between 20-50% - get selling

  • No more if onlys

    now you can work with the best Amazon PPC management (UK based no less) experts to get the best Amazon shopping results - get selling

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying that Amazon Marketing Services works for everyone.

We’re just saying that it works especially well for established high-recognition brands who use us as their Amazon PPC management agency.

Amazon Ads
Strength in numbers

Time to get the pay per click results you really want for your ecommerce business? With 300 million high-intent, purchase-ready shoppers making Amazon their go-to shopping destination.

  • 9.87% - The average conversion rate on Amazon (it’s 1.33% on other websites)
  • 89% - of consumers are more likely to buy from Amazon than any other ecommerce site
  • 66,000+ - The number of orders placed every hour on Amazon

The question on every Amazon Marketing Agency lips… brand protection OR brand growth?

1. High conversion branded queries

Branded queries convert. Handsomely. Conversion optimization rates are typically between 20-50%.

Is Amazon Marketing Services right for me?

For anyone who wants to sell online, Amazon PPC Services seems like the obvious choice.

But is it the right choice?

  • If you’re looking to kickstart Amazon sales, market an established brand or replace an automated service like Quartile, as long as your product listings are optimised and your product pages properly redesigned, then the Amazon brand is your best friend.

  • Much like we’re your perfect Amazon Ads agency. And especially so if you want to radically improve an existing AMS campaign.

However, Amazon PPC strategy might not be right for you if:

  • Your brand is unknown

  • You have less than 6-9 months of history

  • Your monthly spend is less than £5k

Amazon PPC Campaign Management - Just one of the many marketing services we can help you with

There’s much more to Optimum Click than just Amazon account services. We help businesses like yours with a complete range of paid advertising and marketing services on all the most popular paid search platforms such as Microsoft Ads, Google Ads and Social Media marketing such as Facebook ads.

Optimum Click - The optimum choice
Amazon PPC agency (UK or international)

When you select your expert Amazon Ads agency of course you’ll want to be sure you’re choosing the right one. In a $469.8 billion marketplace, the commercial opportunities are enormous. Get your decision right and sales will fly.
Three great reasons why you should choose Optimum Click as your next Amazon Ads company.

The not-so-secret secret of our Amazon PPC management success:

A brilliant process for brilliant Amazon PPC strategy and Ads results

The success of any sales and marketing project is all about process. Amazon PPC management is no exception. Our Amazon advertising process not only sets you up for great results - it delivers them too. Here’s how:


Product Mapping


Keyword Research




Campaign Creation







Amazon Ads - Getting started is easy

Fed up with your Amazon PPC performance?
Time to try a fresh, more rewarding approach? Let’s get started.

It's as simple as that.

Amazon PPC Management and the Amazon Marketplace FAQs

Time to find out more about Amazon Advertising?

People say the nicest things…

If you need a great company to manage your advertising such as Google Ads, PPC, etc., you must try Optimum Click! They are amazing and treat you with the level of service that most places simply never offer. In addition to the service, they really do deliver the results you need at an affordable rate. This was the reason we started with them and to be honest, we wouldn't use anyone else. Thanks for all you guys do!

Jacob Blonsky

Operations Manager
BlackOak Led

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