Hire a Google Ads Expert:
5 Questions You Need to Ask
Are you ready to hire a Google Ads expert for your next PPC campaign?

Posted by Miklós MOLNÁR
· 2nd June 2021 · 5 min read

We know very good reasons why a Google Ads specialist is what you need to take your digital marketing to the next level.

Here's are excellent reasons to reach out to a PPC specialist:

  • 41% of clicks go to the top three ads. If you're not in the top three, you're missing out.

  • 80% of companies focus on Google Ads for their PPC campaigns. The competition is strong.

  • 53% of paid clicks come from mobile devices. Ad campaigns not optimised for mobile are obsolete.

Not convinced yet?

Let us show you three reasons why you might want to connect with a Google Ads expert.

What is a Google Ads expert?

Are you hunting the next big game client? Landing the next big deal through your ad campaigns is much easier with a guide.

Think of a Google AdWords** expert like a safari guide for your PPC campaigns. They know where the best results are and they can help you find them in the shortest amount of time.

A Google Adwords expert** may have professional certifications and specific training. However, there are many creative marketing experts who don't have any certificates. They can show you pages of effective results and that's what really matters.

** Are you still saying Adwords? Google rebranded its PPC service as Google Ads on 24 July, 2018.

Why Do You Need a Google Ads Specialist?

Businesses all across the United Kingdom are advertising their products and services on Google. If you want to get to the top without blowing through your bank account, you need help.

There are indicators that your current marketing efforts are not as efficient as they could be. What about these common problems?

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Your Advertising Budgets and CPCs Are Too High

What is your cost-per-click (CPC)? Is it higher than your competitors? Google CPC is directly affected by your ad copy, your competitors, and the keywords you are bidding on in your campaign.

If your ad quality score is too low, then you will be paying too much money for your Google ads. How much could this cost your business? An average quality score of 5 on Google's benchmark score won't affect your price.

A low quality score can increase your costs by as much as 400%. Top quality ads receive discounts of up to 50%.

Check your quality scores. If they are below average, then it's time to call in a Google Ads expert.

Wasted Marketing Campaigns Because of Poor ROI

Connected to high costs is poor ROI. Paying too much for your ads leads directly to a poor return on investment because your cost per acquisition will be too high to make a profit.

Here are other reasons your ROI might be tanking:
  • Lack of thorough keyword research creates Google ads that don't reach the right audience.
  • Failure to use negative keywords leads to Google ads that trigger for the wrong keywords.

A Google Ads specialist will have the expertise to create the right marketing strategy for your business goals. They will find the best keywords to target and avoid so every click leads to revenue.

Your PPC Ads Have Low Conversion Rates

Do you know how your Google Ads conversion rates compare to others in your industry? Search ads and shopping ads have an average conversion rate of 4.40%. If your campaigns are below this rate, then you might want to look for more help.

Let's take this a step further, though. What's the average conversion rate in your industry?

Apparel averages a conversion rate of just 2.77% while law and government ads convert at a rate of 7.45%.

This variability means you should check your conversion rates against your industry average. If your ads convert at a low rate, consult a Google Ads specialist to optimise your ads.

Ready to review your campaigns and reach out to other advertisers?

Here are some questions to ask your next potential PPC expert.

Top Five Questions to Ask a PPC Specialist

When you're ready to interview PPC experts, these questions can help you separate the real professional agencies from those who are merely pretending to be experts.

How Will You Share Digital Marketing Analytics and Data with My Company?

Google Ads PPC experts know the real value of data and analytics. The only way to guarantee success is to test, tweak, and optimise. The foundation of testing is data analysis.

So you can ask a few questions:
  • Which tools do you use for data analysis? Google analytics, web analytics, and internal data are all important tools. If they can't demonstrate their results with specific data, run away.
  • How will they show you results? Google analytics connects to the Google Data Studio, so a potential Google Ads specialist should be able to show you clear reports. Without these, you'll struggle to understand your real ROI.
  • Will they give you independent access to the reports? We don't want to make any accusations, but you should be wary of anyone who won't let you see the unfiltered results. You should have access to the raw data from your digital marketing campaign because it is your money.

The quick way to summarise this is to ask for proof. Any potential advertising expert should be able to show you proof of their expertise.

What Is Your Experience with Local Search Ads?

Local search is incredibly lucrative for local businesses. 76% of local searches on mobile lead to a store visit on the same day. All over the United Kingdom, people do their shopping and research on their mobile devices. Don't work with a "PPC specialist" who lacks expertise and experience in creating local search ads.

Again, we've got some questions you can ask:

  • Ask for results from previous local search campaigns. Every Google Ads expert keeps records - especially of their successes.
  • Invite them to explain their local search digital marketing strategy. Listen, and then ask questions until they convince you of their skills.
  • Request examples of their work. Many companies use landing pages designed for local search campaigns. Requesting samples will show you the quality of their work.

Plan for local search success to build revenue. Your potential digital marketing partner should be able to convince you of their local search marketing skills.

Can You show Results from Previous Google Ads Optimised for Mobile Devices?

Mobile search is the present and future of internet advertising. Every PPC expert should have a mastery of mobile advertising tactics and strategies.

Once again, here are questions you can ask a new consultant or advertising partner.
  • Can you show proof of results? Just like other types of advertising, your Google Ads expert should be able to show you evidence from previous projects.
  • Ask them to explain their mobile search strategy. Probe their plans for marketing your products and services to mobile device users.

Google Ads designed for mobile differ from desktop ads. The layouts are unique, text needs to be shortened, and the campaign should have mobile-focused goals like phone calls and site visits.

Are You Experienced with Social Media Marketing and Multiple Channels?

You may look for a Google Ads expert, but you should also consider an agency that can run effective advertising campaigns on other channels.

Bing ads, Facebook advertising, and marketing through every other major social media outlet should all be possible for a genuine expert. Your Google campaigns might be more effective running alongside campaigns on other channels.

You can evaluate how effective your potential PPC agency is at creating landing pages that work for ads running on different channels. Ask for examples and results. Driving traffic to a website from multiple sources is a clear sign of a marketing professional.

Can You Describe Your Keyword Research Process?

Your ad groups can target any number of keywords. One campaign may have multiple keyword clusters and focal points. Also, every campaign and ad group should have a comprehensive list of negative keywords to avoid your ads being triggered for searches that will never convert.

An effective PPC agency should be able to do thorough keyword research for their accounts. Here are questions to ask them:
  • Which tools do you use for keyword research? Search engine marketing, either through organic search or PPC ads, relies on understanding the keywords that bring people to your website. They should be able to tell you the tools they rely on for digging up the most effective keywords.
  • Can you show me some of your negative keywords lists? Many businesses guard their keywords and ad group targets very closely. However, your ad agency should be able to give you examples of how they avoid wasting clients' money.

What you're looking for is evidence of a Google PPC consultant that is thorough and detailed. Their keyword process and tools will tell you how much emphasis they place on good research.

Strategies for Getting the Most from Your Google Adwords Expert

The Google Adwords expert can be a valuable resource for your business, but how do you get the most out of them? The following are some strategies for getting the most from your Google Adwords Expert.

Be Professional: Create a Goal and Plan for Your Website, Business, and Campaign

Without a goal, you will not know how to plan your PPC campaign. Take time to evaluate your goals.

  • How many new clients or orders do you need?
  • What is your timeline for results?
  • Is Google your best advertising channel or should you consider Facebook or social media?

You can discuss your PPC strategy and goals with your advertising partner. They should help you create a number of approaches to achieving the results you want.

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Listen to the PPC Experts

There is little point in paying an expert if you don't follow their recommendations. Once you've done all this research and evaluation, don't ignore their advice. Listen to them and be prepared to follow their suggestions.

It's important to remember their reputation is at stake. They want to get significant results from your projects because that's how they will continue to build their PPC agency.

Pay for a Google Partner and Create the Right Budget for Results

Let's talk money for a moment. How much does a PPC agency cost in the United Kingdom? The answer is, of course, that it varies. Your consultant will charge you based on the size of your account and the time involved.

Here's what doesn't vary:

You get what you pay for.

If you sign on with the cheapest available PPC company, you might be disappointed with the results. Likewise, if you under-fund your advertising campaigns, you will miss out on potential customers because your budget runs out.

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Optimum Click is an established PPC company with clients all over the world. Our team has a combined 96 years of experience operating successful PPC projects. The team is large enough to manage major projects, but not so big that your account will be lost.

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Should I hire a freelancer or an agency for my PPC Google Ads projects?

Small businesses with smaller budgets may achieve their goals by working with a freelancer. For larger projects, a Google Ads business partner is a better choice. There are many moving parts that go into a good ad campaign, so you might need a larger team to coordinate all the work.

Does a PPC expert need a certification?

Not necessarily. Many PPC experts have developed genuine expertise through years of work. The results achieved for their previous clients are their certification. However, a professional consultant committed to their job will seek training and development to improve their skills.

What's the difference between PPC campaigns and search marketing?

There is quite a lot of overlap. One helpful distinction is to separate paid PPC advertising from organic search marketing. Organic search marketing relies on keywords and search traffic over a longer period of time. It's a more passive form of marketing that relies on the customers finding their way to the right website.

How can I measure my campaign performance?

We've already discussed data, goals, and ROI. Let's recap and tie these all together. Your projects should achieve their stated goals without exceeding the budget you set for them. A higher number of sales or leads is a brilliant result. Achieving the goals while under budget is another fantastic result.

Where can I go for expert advice or a second opinion?

Don't be afraid to shop around. Ask another consultant or business for their help. If you can preserve confidentiality, show your ad accounts to a few prospects. Their perspectives and feedback will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current approach.